Rhizomatic Studio at The Hammer Museum

  • The Hammer Museum 10899 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90024 United States
photo: Shelby Brage

photo: Shelby Brage

Rhizomatic Studio convenes an interdisciplinary group of Los Angeles performance makers, who will engage collectively in two days of "Shared Practice" on the In Real Life: Studio stage. Invited participants (including dancers, performance artists, actors, and spoken word artists) will take turns leading mini-workshops for one another, give peer feedback on rehearsals, and engage in live performance experiments on (and spilling over) the stage. Each day will end with a long-form group improvisation (or "encounter"). Viewers are invited to witness any part of our practice, but physical participation may be limited at times to the Rhizomatic Studio artists only.

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Friday 11/11 11am-6pm
Friday 11/18 11am-6pm
@ the Hammer Museum

Participating artists include: (top row, L to R) Tara King, Carol McDowell, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Alexx Shilling, Paul Outlaw; (middle L to R) Mariel Carranza, Phillip T Nails, Elisabeth Nails, Toban Nichols; (bottom row) Paul Outlaw, Allison Wyper, Antonia Price, Marcos Najera. All images courtesy of the artists.