Ephemeral Projects

still from Kevin Tsukii's 3D video of HomeLA // Frogtown

One-off projects include:

  • In the Current, with Erika Barbosa, site-specific dance made for HomeLA // Frogtown (2015). (3D VRidio of the event here.)

  • ECHO (2015): a site-specific performance for a single participant, performed via cell phone or Skype, that engages the social histories of the LA neighborhood of Echo Park, as well as my own autobiography.

  • Solo durational performance for Rafa Esparza's exhibition at the Vincent Price Art Museum, East Los Angeles (2014)

  • Contaminated Femininities (2012): with Daniél (then “Brittany”) Chávez and Zen Cohen, presented by La Pocha Nostra for Casa Caliente Dos at Galería de la Raza’s Studio 24, San Francisco. Chavez and I spent 24 hours together in an empty studio where our respective performance personae and choreographies infected and contaminated one another to produce a one-night-only performance jam on 29 Feb 2012.