Your Photo Op with Abby Ghraib

She’s the Beauty of Bagram!  The Girl from Gitmo!  Get your camera ready and get on your knees! 

With this interactive performance intervention, Abby Ghraib has traveled far and wide, breaking hearts–and backs–at parties, museums, and theaters including:

  • Zero Down: A Performance Art Group Show. 1019 WEST Artist Studios, Los Angeles
  • Los Dopplegangers. Performance by Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Richard Montoya, UCLA Fowler Museum
  • La Pocha Nostra salon, Performance Art Institute
  • Pieter Performance Space
  • Strange Democracy by Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Hammer Museum


“... Abby Ghraib aka Allison Wyper holds up a sign asking about cameras. She selects an unwitting volunteer, walks him to the podium where a noose awaits. Posing the hapless fellow, Ghraib invites gente to create their own home-made torture foto. At $25 a head instead of $1.2 trillion, that’s a bargain souvenir.”
–Michael Sedano, La Bloga