Birthing a Nation

(this is what i call the light of god)


Birthing a Nation is a participatory performance ritual addressing police brutality. Found sound of real U.S. officers, NRA members, politicians, and gun enthusiasts, activated by touch sensors, are embedded in the wombs of the performers: Our Ladies of Peace, vessels of the patriarchy, police brutality madonnas for the 21st century. This collaboration combines performance artist Allison Wyper's work with vulnerability and participation, with media artist Erika Katrina Barbosa's interrogation of police violence through the objects officers carry.

A public installation for CURRENT: LA included sanctuary candles dedicated to victims of police shootings in the Los Angeles area, as well as copies of gun control legislation that had been killed in Congress. 

(Formerly titled "this is what I call the light of god": a direct quote from a police officer describing his weapon.)

Exhibition history:

  • KPARK for Current: LA Public Art Biennial, South Weddington Park, Los Angeles

  • POW!POW!POW!POW! Action Art Festival, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

  • StARTup Art Fair, Los Angeles

  • StARTup Fair, San Francisco