Collaborations with La Pocha Nostra

photo by ami mathur

I was an Artistic Associate of the infamous international performance company La Pocha Nostra from 2004-2016. I performed, produced and co-taught company workshops in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Projects with La Pocha Nostra and/or artistic director Guillermo Gómez-Peña include:

  • Five Psycho-Magic Actions Against Violence (US premiere), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.

  • Corpo Insurrecto 3.0: The Robo-Proletariat (US premiere), Performance Art Institute, San Francisco

  • Contaminated Femininities. La Pocha Nostra Presents: Casa Caliente Dos, Studio 24/Galería de la Raza, San Francisco

  • Los Dopplegangers, Fowler Museum, Los Angeles

  • La Pocha Nostra International Summer School, Performance Art Institute, San Francisco

  • Strange Democracy, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

  • Alien Body, NOHspace, San Francisco

  • Intox Lounge, Artist’s Television Access, San Francisco