Unruly Bits

In Unruly BitsMaria Gillespie and I took movement & performance out of the theater to the grounds and galleries of the Fowler Museum of Cultural History (UCLA) to interrupt, console, then up-heave the ways we look at objects of beauty. The wandering side-shows countered notions of curatorial stability, as the non/permanence of performance danced alongside other cultural objects.

We created site-specific improvisational scores for performers Heyward Bracey, Michelle Shiu-Lin Lai, Nguyen Nguyen, Michael Sakamoto, Mathew Sandoval, Beth Simons, Wilfried Souly, and Lisa Wahlander.  This one-time performance was produced by UCLA’s Fowler Out Loud series on January 13, 2010.

photos by Da Xu and Šara Stranovsky

“...a very splendid performance and in many ways it bore an incisive political critique that is much needed in our times.”

–Aparna Sharma, Ph.D., Professor of World Arts and Cultures, UCLA