What an incredible day we had at the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve last Saturday at Confusion is Sex #3 , curated and organized by Dino Dinco, Dawn Kasper, and Oscar Santos!  

Mexican Dancer/Choreographer Rebeca Hernandez and I presented a duet called The Lovers (after Magritte) at the Sepulveda Dam, overlooking the beautiful LA River.  It was a gorgeous setting, and perfect for this piece, despite (or perhaps because of) the environmental devastation enacted by the US Army Corps of Engineers, who bulldozed the acreage last December, supposedly to "protect" the public from the gay cruisers and the homeless who regularly enjoyed this bit of urban wilderness.

My friend Doran George, who also performed that day, commented that–particularly in contrast with last week's Perform Chinatown, where performances took over a city block, often happening on top of one another in an (I think, glorious) chaos of disparate performance practices– the vastness of this wildlife reserve (40 acres, with performances scattered throughout at different times) meant that each piece had the advantage of being considered individually, and finding each performance required effort and commitment.  It also meant that it was difficult to see everything.  Before and between my own performances I spotted works by Jamie McMurry, Dawn Kasper, Mariel Carranza, Christy Roberts, Oscar Santos, Nick Duran, Samuel White, Asher Hartman, Travis Read-Davidson, Alice Cunt, Karen Adelman, Gregory Barnett, and a collaboration by Cathy Cooper, Kristen Leahy and Zak Ryan Schlegel.  I missed several others that I would have loved to see, including Dorian Wood and Rafa Esparza, who buried themselves up to their waists and sang together for a couple of hours.

Carol Cheh wrote a great piece on the event on her blog, Another Righteous Transfer.  Click here.

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photo by Alejandra Herrera


Allison Wyper and Rebeca Hernandez
 The Lovers (after Magritte) 
 photo by Alejandra Herrera


The Lovers by René Magritte (1928)