First person accounts of performances I've never seen (Pt 2)

Part 2 of my three-part series of performative writings in which I adopt an imaginary time traveling avatar self in order to witness the “intimacies” that I imagine generated in participatory performances that I have never seen, is now live at The Present Tense!  Though fictional, this account is based on research, and includes quotes taken from a paper by the artist, Helen Paris.  Here's a little taste:

I turn off my phone and reach for the metal.  I feel a gentle shock and see a faint blue spark reaching for me.  I saw one of these as a kid, I think.  At a science museum or fair. I remember reaching for it with fingers sticky from candy, Mom telling me not to touch or I’d get it dirty.  I hover my fingers just off the surface, a blue string of electricity dancing between me and the apparatus.  My hair stands on end.  On the platform there is note:

Egyptians believed that the third finger of the left hand follows the vena amoris, the vein of love that runs directly to the heart.  A direct “digital” blood flow.

I imagine this blue flame swimming up my inner arm and through my coronary arteries.  I shiver and pull my hand away.  

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