Dino Dinco reflects upon "Encounters"

It has been my pleasure for nearly two years to participate in monthly Encounters (improvisational performances, not intended for an audience) at the invitation of artist Mariel Carranza. These events, typically involving between 5-8 (mostly, but not all, performance) artists, are usually private, and revolve around a core group with whom I have become very close, and in whom I have enormous trust.

So... it is weird to share anything about Encounters publicly. But, as we have been gradually practicing more and more in public (preparing for an upcoming performance at a well known local venue) it is fitting that DINO DINCO has released this wonderful reflection of our first Encounter (July 2012). It is an excerpt from his forthcoming book on performance of the West Coast, which I cannot wait to read.

You can read Dino's text in the last issue of Dance Theater Journal (UK) or online at http://tessawills.com/under-the-hollywood-sign/.