ECHO: a performance for one (and only one!) person

I've been commissioned by the Mountain Standard Time festival to create a durational piece for their Spring Runoff Performance Marathon, and I've taken the opportunity to do something I've been wanting to do for years: a cell phone performance! 

ECHO is a performance for one (and only one) person. The single participant will be guided in a real-time exploration of Echo Park, near downtown Los Angeles, via a live cell phone call with the artist. The participant and artist will experience an intimate connection, in public and without seeing each other’s faces. In the privacy of her ear, the participant will encounter “echoes” of the complicated social histories of the historic Echo Park Lake and surrounding neighborhood, interwoven with poetry, music, and the artist’s own biographical narrative. The performance will conclude with a meal.

The performance will be scheduled at a time mutually convenient for the participant and the artist. Contact me to participate!